May 2010

My high school alma mater asked me to redesign and develop their current website. This was a project that was very close to me as I worked on the website back when I was enrolled there. I designed the site based on the 960 grid system. I conducted research on establishing a vast amount of information in constricted space. I developed the website into a series of columns in order to add visual hierarchy to the project.

The website was more than just a pretty design. I wanted to develop a website that would resonate well with the community. I wanted the website to be extremely easy to use. I hoisted a vertical navigation with popular page links in the sidebar on high traffic pages. I put a lot of time in the plan and development stage in order to categorize pages that work well together.

I also wanted to the website to retain information and cascade well with time, creating an archive of past pages and posts that can be quickly obtainable with very little effort. At the end of the project, the Board of Education for Mainland Regional High School was very pleased, in fact, there was even a press release in the local paper.

Visit my alma-mater's website