NSAC Background

Received the Gold award for Creative Excellence at the 52nd Annual Hatch Awards

Through the AAF’s National Student Advertising Competition, the Johnson & Wales Advertising Team, Candlelight Communications, participated in the 2012 case for Nissan. We were tasked with creating an integrated marketing campaign to rebrand Nissan as the automative nnovative leader in the world and push Nissan’s five core models to Multicultural Millenials.

We created a bold campaign under the tagline “Innovation that matters”. The strategy was to take the ambiguity out of Nissan’s innovations and position them away from everyday clutter by translating them into relative pieces that multicultural millenials could relate to.


I worked as Creative Director, in charge of the creative team, in order to come up with the creative execution. I ran facilitated brainstorm sessions and tracked our progress from thumbnail sketches to highly polished products. I also worked as lead Art Director and designer in creating the design, typographical hierarchy, color scheme, and visual layout.

Copy credits: Jessica Whittaker, Lauren Turner, Katie Vreeland, Grace Peterson, Sarah Lister, Elaina Milici, Will Kelleher, Anna Steel, Conor Mitchell
Art credits:Tricia Springfield, Brenda Florez