Case Video:


Seeking out a creative way to harmonize Pitch and Sync with new and innovative clients.

Our solution:

Project Briefbass.

Project Briefbass will be sent out to companies of Pitch and Sync’s choosing. This allows them to directly interact and create a deep relationship with their target audience by utilizing creative low cost advertising.


Project Briefbass is playing off the idea of a typical businessman’s briefcase, which contains many of his personal, important documents.

The briefbass acts as a symbol of the extensive music database that holds Pitch and Sync’s dearest musical connections. Within the briefbass contains a musical instrument and information about the agency.


The insert inside of the case explains a new one of a kind competition called Epiphany Ensemble.

One side of the insert explains to the recipients the analogy between a business and his briefcase and how it relates to Pitch & Sync’s extensive musical database.

The other side will have the competition steps of Epiphany Ensemble. The competition’s goal is to creatively engage the target audience into interacting with Pitch and Sync.


Utilizing the vimeo community along with Pitch and Sync’s popular music blog will allow for companies to interact with one another in an innovative way. It will also help Pitch and Sync and participating agencies gain exposure and overall brand awareness.

Contestants will upload their video to Pitch and Sync’s vim page where it will be judged on creativity.

Pitch and Sync will post an announcement of the winner on their blog, and the winner will win free services from Pitch and Sync for use on their next campaign.

The heart of music is put directly into Project Briefbass in a powerful, interactive way. Pitch and Sync will be able to establish new relationships with an expansive amount of new database connections in an extremely affordable way.

Additional credit to Ryan Healey, Steph Amaral, and Sarah Lister for being awesome group mates.