• I just finished listening to the audiobook Build
    (narrated by Roger_Wayne_Jr) only to restart it right away. Inspiring advice from veteran of General Magic, Philips, Apple, Nest, and Google.

  • Haven't updated this in awhile, but I'm currently working on a Craft 4 version of my popular User Manual plugin.

  • Signed up for a ThreeJS course to learn all about 3D and WebGL on the web. Check it out here:

  • Working on my first digital product. Excited for the potential to make some passive income :D

  • Just beat my first run of Supergiant Game's latest release "Hades". Man... I love this game.

  • Started reading the Drizz't Do'urden books by R.A. Salvatore and wow... can't believe I slept on this fantasty series for this long.

  • Sad that its the last day of Summer, but excited to put on a sweatshirt and continue to code outside until it gets too cold

  • Walked to Fenway Park tonight just to hear the Red Sox take on the Phillies over the loudspeaker. Dang... I miss baseball.

  • I did it. I launched this portfolio site. The first one is almost 7 years ;D

  • Started hinting at a portfolio release on social channels. This might be the week ...

  • Moved into a new apartment! Can't wait till it's safe to have people over again.

  • Just finished reading Alphabet Squadron by Alexander Freed. Excellent Star Wars story about a rag-tag group of pilots fighting the Empire. Getting me in the right headspace to play Star Wars Squadrons next month!

  • Black Lives Matter

  • I picked up The Microphone's The Glow Pt2 off of Ebay and I think it's my favorite of record of all time

  • Okay just beat Half Life Black Mesa. WOW. So cool to see how so many other games (including ones I worked on) took queues from this classic game.

  • Made it to the final chapter in Half Life. I know I'm 22 years late on this game, but it is incredible.

  • Oh great, it's 5pm on Friday and I should be relaxing, and of course, inspiration strikes and I can't pull myself away from the computer!

  • Day 693 of quarantine. There is no "Thursday", just "Yesterday", "Today", and "Tomorrow".

  • Day 9 of self-isolation: wow, this is tougher than I thought it was going to be

  • Spent the weekend visiting my girlfriend's family and I can't get over how cute her nephew is

  • Haven't launched my portfolio yet, but I'm sort of in awe as to how far it has come. I'm excited to launch it soon!

  • Watching the latest season of Chef on Netflix and I am feeling super inspired to start cooking again

  • Watched 6 Underground on Netflix and I have no idea what I just watched.

  • I just finished watching The Circle. As someone who hates social media... I actually really enjoyed this show.

  • Back to work :(

  • Finished playing the game CONTROL. I really didn't like it in the beginning but ended up being one of my favorite games of the year!

  • Finished playing Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order. Hands down my game of the year!

  • Finished building my new computer! I went a little overboard on Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

  • Started watching Castle Rock on Hulu. What in tarnation is going on here??

  • Calcher Lustwerk is an absolute masterpiece. Don't ban me #GhostlyAfterDark.

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