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I used to live with Jess Whittaker, a crazy talented copywriter. One evening we were up late in the living room of our apartment, watching trashy TV (of course), and she was telling me about how much she hated how this person she was dating wouldn't text her back. I think I joked that I could build her a bot that would always immediately text her back. She asked me what it would respond with, and I said whatever she wanted. The more we talked about it, the funnier we thought the idea was.

And so, the idea of BaeBot was born; a bot that would text you back no matter what. Jess wrote all of the responses that the bot could possibly respond with, while I worked on the bot itself. The bot at its core is a PHP app that hooks up to Twilio over SMS hooks. A user texts the number connected to Twilio, my app crunches the text and replies back with an appropriate response.

While this was certainly meant to be a joke, it actually picked up some steam. We shared it on our social channels (follow Jess here!) and it caught on. In the first month, the bot received over 10,000 unique messages.

Do you need help with a side project or SMS chat bot? I'd love to jump in and help you out! Check out my contact page and let's get in touch.

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