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I'm not going to lie, Craft Content Management System (CMS) is the absolute best. It was my first foray into full-stack development. It took concepts that I already understood on the frontend, and made them really easy to understand on the backend. I joined the community, getting involved in their Slack/Discord channel, as well as their StackOverflow.

One thing that the community really prides itself on, is not just the User Experience (UX) of Craft, but also the AX, or Author Experience, of Craft. They really pride themselves on being an "onboarding not necessary" CMS. The software is so easy to use, that most clients can log in and figure out how to start managing their content right away, without any training at all.

However, sometimes a little assistance is necessary. As much as I love answering one-off client emails about questions, I wanted to create a solution that would allow users to find the answers to how content is managed by themselves. 

I created a Craft CMS plugin called Craft User Manual that allows content editors and developers to write their own documentation, and share it with everyone else that has access to that instance of Craft. A user installs the plugin, creates a new native section within Craft, writes some docs, and then hits publish to share them with everyone else.

By creating our own Help section, we're able to tailor each specific Craft install to each client. Our clients are confident that they are able to login to the system we build every day and use it to their maximum efficiency.

Craft User Manual, as of this writing, has over 13,000 active installs on Packagist. It also has over 80 stars on GitHub, and over 500 active installs on production Craft installs.

User Manual was originally I project I built out for World Ocean School but it has proved to be invaluable to every Craft build moving forward. I want to thank the other open-source contributors who have helped elevate this project: Tim Kelty for adding in a bunch of new features, Mike Burns for fixing a ton of deprecation warnings, and JCDarwin for migrating this whole thing to Craft 3.

If you need any help with a Craft CMS or other fun web design or development project, I'd love to hear from you!

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