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The Edward M. Kennedy (EMK) Institute was having trouble resonating with a younger audience. The EMK Institute museum is nothing short of incredible. It's a fully immersive experience that details what people in the Senate is really like. Complete with interactive experiences, room-scale digital walls, as well as a complete recreation of the senate floor in Washington DC.

Interactive Outdoor Experience

To increase awareness around a younger generation, we created a digital experience to put millennials and gen-z to be the direct face of the EMK Institute. Visitors of the EMK institute at the end of their tour had the option to take part in our limited edition self-promotion campaign. Users could enter in their name, email address, and snap a quick selfie, and automatically have a whole graphic design campaign built out for them; bumper stickers, billboards... you name it, we created it on-demand. 

We selected digital media billboards around the museum and timed them for when our patrons would be leaving the museum to ensure that they saw themselves running for senate on the big screen. Our campaign showed how easy it is to get involved with running for government positions, and we made it fun, too. 

Watch the case study video on youtube.

The campaign was an overnight success. It even won an Interactive Award in Communication Arts in 2017. It was my first big interview with a magazine I've been reading since I was in college. It was humbling for sure.

If you're looking for help with an interactive project, I'd love to help out.

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