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When Hill Holliday won the Frontier Communications business in April of 2018 I was pretty excited to start working on their digital properties. Frontier Communications provides high-speed internet, video, tv & phone services. They have a lot of competition, obviously, in that space, so I was super into getting to know their business, what their KPIs are, and how we could use technology to move the needle.

Awareness, Consideration, Decision

My team at Hill Holliday created a suite of marketing landing pages for Frontier that targeted customers along the user journey. Customers that don't even know about Frontier are very different from those that have done their research. On top of that, Frontier offers a wide variety of packages from Fiber, to copper, to FiOS, and more. To optimize that experience, we personalized the pages based on the end user's location, who their current internet provider is, and even what time of day it was. We leveraged an atomic design system to rapidly build out components in Frontier's CMS, Sitecore. We partnered with SilverTech as our backend development partner to get the job done on time and on budget.

After launch, our analytics team paid close attention to what was working, and what wasn't. We were able to make revisions and creative updates in real-time thanks to how we set up the components in Sitecore. 

HelpCenter + MyGuide

The first 10 days of a customer being onboarded to their new Frontier service are probably the most important. Installation windows, troubleshooting blackouts, etc can be really frustrating experiences. We helped Frontier provide a better experience to new customers by creating a new "MyGuide" experience for new customers to allow them to troubleshoot and fix problems on their own, instead of waiting on hold.

Frontier already had a super robust help platform, but it was segmented by service, not by customer type. Finding information all in one place for new customers was a problem. To remedy this, we created new landing pages for each customer type (FiOS, copper, Vantage, etc) to provide all the information they would need on one single page.

We leveraged existing content by AJAXing in specific articles into our page instead of linking users off and sending them down the wrong rabbit hole. We connected these pages into the CRM email stream with new customers. For example, on the day they are scheduled to receive their TV set-top box, we send them an email with what to expect and link them directly off to the content they need to start watching TV on day one.

A huge thanks goes out to my team for bringing this work to life. Samantha Curtin was an awesome producer, and Andrea Palumbo has been incredible since she took the reigns over in 2018. Samantha Catoggio along with Maggie Foley, as always, have been great designers both on the design and user-experience side. Ema Loftis on my team has also been an absolutely devastating pinch-hitter whenever she jumps in to help. Shout out to Jason Masterson for his Sitecore and .NET expertise on the SIlverTech side as well. 

If you need help with design systems, patient journeys, Sitecore, or anything else, I'd love to help out.

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